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Production of Constructions

We offer various Metal Constructions such as: Metal Railings, Metal Stairs, Metal Gates, Floor Partitions, Etc ..! We offer constructions of different sizes for civil or industrial buildings. Design on request!


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a very advanced industrial technology used for accurate and efficient cutting of metals and other production materials. We offer Laser cutting according to your request and need!


Electrostatic Painting

We offer Electrostatic Paint Painting. Electrostatic coating offers an ideal technique for coating various metal surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, as well as eliminating excess splashing. Method which enables you high efficiency in painting and saving up to 20% of paint. 

Who We Are

Euro Konstruksion is a company that extends in the field of construction since 2007 in Albania with entrepreneurs who have a background since '95 abroad in the construction of metal structures! The works they undertake start from the emergency stairs to the industrial silos, floor partitions, metal constructions, electrostatic powder painting, metal constructions, etc ..! Excellent works from this company you can see through the photos, they speak for themselves! Read more…


Years of Experience

Work Performed



Laser Cutting

The cuted material by Fiber Laser Machine is done in fast time and does not require further processing after cutting. Laser cutting enables the reduction of various processing connections, saving labor costs and processing costs, increases performance as well as improves production efficiency.